3 Easy Steps to Fix Your Hip Impingement

Do you ever feel pinching, popping or pain in your hips??

I don't need to tell you how annoying (and sometimes debilitating) this can be.

I want you to know that painful, popping hips are NOT normal, nor is it something you need to learn to live with.

That's why I've created this free ebook for anyone struggling with impingement.

I have 10 years of experience treating dancers and non-dancers with hip impingement, and if there is one thing that I've learned-- most everyone with impingement has very similar (faulty) movement patterns that develop over time.

In this ebook, I'm sharing the 3 most common faulty movement patterns that I see with hip impingement. I'm going to guide you through easy solutions to correct these movements so you can start strengthening in the right patterns.

It's time to say goodbye to those pinching hips for good!!!


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    Jenna Loewer, DPT

    Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Meet Jenna

    Jenna Loewer, DPT is a Physical Therapist and dance medicine specialist. She is the owner of On Pointe Wellness & Rehab PLLC, a concierge Physical Therapy practice in Haymarket, VA. Jenna has 10 years of experience helping dancers fix their hip impingement. Now, she is ready to help YOU perform at your highest level.

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