person about to lift the barbel
person in ballet shoes



"I don't lift weights because I don't want to get bulky."

It's one of the most common things I hear from dancers, and I am here to tell you that it isn't true!!

Check out my first virtual workshop of 2021 to learn how you can become more confident in creating a lifting program so you can kill it in the gym this year!

We will cover common questions, such as:

- How often you should lift

- Tips for how to structure a weight training program

- The best exercises for dancers to include in a program

...and much more!!!

Bring all your questions and I will answer as many as I can during the live workshop!

I want you to feel confident every time you walk into the gym so you can start cross training the right way. Plus, it might just make you feel like a badass too ;-)

Date: Friday, February 26th

Time: 1pm EST

*Can't make the time? Register anyways, and the replay will be available anytime you need it!

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